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What is OpenSees Cloud?

OpenSees Cloud, a SaaS (Software as a Service) implementation of OpenSees, gives engineering professionals, researchers, and students the ability to analyze structural and geotechnical systems using OpenSees online through the cloud. OpenSees Cloud is licensed to users via subscriptions.

A free basic subscription of OpenSees Cloud with limited computing resources is available. Paid subscriptions will give you access to higher computing resources.

OpenSees Cloud will run on any computer or mobile device, regardless of operating system. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser with JavaScript enabled.

Initially, OpenSees Cloud will use the OpenSees Python interpreter. We will incorporate Tcl in future updates of OpenSees Cloud.

OpenSees Cloud will take input through scripts and will have an in-browser visualizer to check your model and results.

Private projects will always be private and stored securely on AWS. In the unlikely event we need to access one of your projects, the OpenSees Cloud team will request your permission.

We calculate meta data (number of nodes and elements) for each analysis in order to determine model size. However, we do not keep this data and we will not access your projects without your permission. We will never share your personal or project data with third parties.

Because the service is cloud-based, we can improve OpenSees for all users and push new features to our OpenSees Cloud subscribers with short turn around times.

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